Ron Zugg’s fascination with all things motorized and mechanical goes back as long as he is old!  Many years of dirt biking, drag racing, boating, RVing, trucking, and snow machining have not yet exhausted his passion.  The Zugger Shocks endeavor started with what was a desire to create the most comfortable, responsive, and reliable Iron Dog ride available.  Many years of detailing his own equipment; as well as, providing services and expertise to fellow riders and snow machine enthusiast has developed into what is on most days more work than originally bargained for!

Ron has refined his techniques for shock work and developed some key relationships that have allowed him and required him to become a more official operation.  It is still Ron’s desire to remain a one man shop that caters to individuals and dealers with the same care and detail that he has always given to his own work and that of his friends and fellow racers.  A few key connections made with Ohlin USA and Renton Coil Springs (RCS) have further expanded the scope of Ron’s expertise, distribution, specialized service, and care.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ron with any questions you might have about Zugger Shocks and the services and products that he can provide.